As required by the Office of Head Start, and as part of our Strategic Planning process, Clackamas County Children’s Commission produces Annual Reports, Self-Assessments, and Community Assessments. Each report contains vital information about the state of our program and the population that we serve in Clackamas County. Our most recent reports are provided below:

Annual Report 2015-2016

Includes program and financial highlights for the agency’s past fiscal year.

Community Assessment 2015

Reviews the needs and resources of eligible families, the program, and the community.

immunization rates fall 2016

Immunization rates reported by center.

Self Assessment Report 2015-2016

A summary of the results of the agency’s annual self-assessment process. Used in the program planning process to set the program’s direction and priorities. Often includes:

  • Results of an in-depth analysis of program data over time
  • Progress on achieving program goals and objectives
  • Progress on achieving school readiness goals and objectives
  • Summary of program strengths and innovations
  • Recommendations for growth and improvement