Make a difference! Volunteer!

Volunteers are a vital part of our organization and our community.

Who are our volunteers?

Our volunteers are former/ current Head Start parents and concerned members of the community.

What will I do as a volunteer for Head Start?

Some examples of activities performed by our volunteers are:

  • Reading stories to children, singing songs and assisting with art activities
  • Helping supervise children during outdoor play
  • Assisting with meal times, field trips and special events

Please let us know if you have additional ideas on how you can enrich our organization.

What will I do as a volunteer for Healthy Families?

  • Welcome baby hospital visits
  • Start a playgroup in your community
  • Help organize a fundraiser or family event for Healthy Start ~ Healthy Family

What is the time commitment?

Daily help in the classroom and one-time projects are equally welcomed. No commitment is too small or too large. Your support is greatly appreciated.