Making a Difference…

When school starts, a child who grows up in poverty is like a runner who enters the race 30 yards behind. Too often, dreams are lost to disappointment and frustration.

Every year, Clackamas Head Start closes the gap for 600 children but many still need our support. Adequate facilities are needed to help children enter school ready to learn and begin a journey of discovery that lasts a lifetime.

Do You Believe…

  • Children learn habits that last a lifetime?
  • An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure?
  • Strengthening families strengthens communities?

We do too. Clackamas County Children’s Commission Head Start shares your beliefs. It’s the reason we work hard to provide the most comprehensive services we can to our children and their families.

Although we receive federal and state grants to run our Head Start program, there is a limit to what those funds can accomplish. While we are able to offer services to 572 children in Clackamas County, we average more than 300 children on our waiting list. Our goal is to increase our capacity to serve children in our community, but to do so we need the support of individuals and community partners who, like us, believe in investing in our most at-risk children.

Food donations should be made at your local food bank.