Early Head Start

Early Head Start is available for children from 0 to 3 years old and pregnant women of any age!

What is Early Head Start?

Our program is 100% free, and designed to:

  • Help families find resources in the community!
  • Help parents gain positive parenting skills!
  • Help children get ready for school!

We offer three quality service options:

  • Home-based: Weekly home visits and two play groups a month
    • Offered year-round
  • Child Care Center-based: 6 hour class days, 4 days a week
    • Offered September through June
    • Reserved for qualified families with at least one parent enrolled in job training/school
  • Combination Classes: 3.5 hour class days, 2 days a week, with 2 home visits a month
    • Offered September through August.

Building strong relationships with children and families is at the heart of our mission. Through these relationships, our highly trained teachers and family coaches work with parents to explore all areas of their child’s development. We also provide quality screenings for hearing, vision, growth, and social emotional development, and support families with follow-up when needed. We partner with parents to choose and work toward individual child goals, as well as to set goals for the family, such as continuing education, buying a home, getting a driver’s license, and more!

We value every parent as the child’s first teacher, and work hard to provide information and resources to meet each family’s unique needs!

Who is eligible?
Our program is offered to children 0 to 3 years old, and to pregnant women of any age.
We will request 12 months of income or proof of one of the following:

  • Social Security Disability (any immediate family member)
  • TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families)
  • Certified Foster Care for the applying child
  • Living with relatives or friends because family cannot afford to live on their own
  • Living in transitional or shelter housing
  • Living in/out of a car, RV, or park
  • Living in a motel or hotel room

To Apply:
Please call our main office at 503-675-4565 and speak with an Enrollment Specialist today!

View the 2015 Oregon Head Start Fact Sheet to learn more!